Salica’s Assurance

There are several reasons why you can count on SALICA for total solvency and trust:

  • Highly specialised in tuna.
  • Guaranteed supply of raw materials.
  • Complete control of the production process and catch-to-consumer traceability.
  • Modern production plants fully certified by BRC and IFS in Spain (2) and in Ecuador.
  • Wide range of species, presentations and type of packaging for the retail and food-service industry.
  • MSC sustainable fishing, Pole & Line, FAD Free, APR, etc.


Canned product

Our products are made with the finest selection of tuna steaks, loins and chunks, seasoned with premium olive oils (including certified organic extra virgin olive oil) and sunflower oils, in brine or in our delicious marinade or tomato sauce.

Under the CAMPOS and BACHI brands, we work with different species (skipjack, yellowfin, big eye and albacore being the main ones) and type of packaging for retail:

80g to 1kg

100 to 970ml

500g to 1kg

We also sell a range of specialist products. In Europe, we offer Cantabrian anchovies and Mediterranean mussels, while in the US we sell smoked tuna, sardines and salads.

For food service industry, we work with the same species under the CAMPOS, BACHI, AIKO and ASTOR brands, but the packaging formats are:

  • Cans of 1 kg to 2.4 kg in all possible flavours.
  • Skipjack or yellowfin pouches. 0.5, 1, 3 and 7 kg, in olive oil, sunflower oil or brine.


In our modern plant equipped with cutting-edge technologies, we produce the most comprehensive range of frozen tuna products on the market, ensuring the highest quality and food safety standards.

Our products are made with select tuna from our fleet that is frozen immediately after catching to preserve the flavour and freshness of our products.

We produce and market the widest range of tuna products and pre-packaged tuna meals, all fully cleaned and ready for cooking, with a superior quality for even the most discerning of taste.

The products we offer for retail include tuna steaks, dice, breaded fillets and the full range of tuna en papillote with pasta, vegetables or rice.

Our specific products for food service include loins, half loins, chunks, steaks of varying weight, cubes, belly, tuna burgers, etc. in packaging formats tailored for hotels, restaurants and catering.


We also work with leading retail chains, distributors and importers from all over the world who trust in our experience. For these brands, we manufacture the full range of canned and frozen tuna, with product specifications and packaging tailored to customer requirements and with the highest quality assurance for every production run.